What is the LEAP?
The LEAP is a 14 day (3 modules) Continuing education program. Two 5 days and last module 4 days which includes presentation and mentoring.

• Explore in depth the exercises in the “Second Manual”.
• This means the full syllabus of the Method.
• We will also discover several of the archival exercises

For whom is the LEAP?
The LEAP program is for you, a teacher with at least 3 years experience of teaching.
Have gone through the Comprehensive/Studio program.
Are in need of a challenge, to grow as a teacher, to know more about the history of Joe, the Equipment, the exercises.
Like to dig deeper into the world of movement , applied anatomy and movement principles.
Trained and mentored by me.

Where do I sign up?
Go to www.thepilatesstandard.eu and register for an upcoming LEAP program.